급, 만성 일산화탄소중독이 흰쥐의 임신양상에 미치는 영향
An Experimental Study of the Effects of Acute and Chronic Carbon Monoxide Poisoning on the Gestation Patterns of Rat

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1978;19(4):187-197
Carbon monoxide poisoning is the most serious and
popular noxious gas poisoning in Korea ‘ mostly due to
the general public uses the anthracite coal briquettes
asmain domestic fuel for heat and cooking
The fact ‘hat carbon monoxide can diffuse from
maternal blood stream to fetal blood has been Confirmed
by many investigators. It is known that in the
pregnant women acute carbon monoxide poisoning
may cause fetal death or congenital malformations
whether mothers survive or not. Also there have been
many reports on close relationship between the maternal
smoking and low birthweight
Autors designed this study to observe the e‘fects of
acute and chronic exposures to carbon monoxide on
the gestation patterns of the rats. One hundred and
two rats were divided into 5 groups one for the cont
rol , two for the acute exposure to 0.45% of Co, and
two for the chronic exposure to 500ppm 1£ Co
The control rats and the exposed rats were laparo
tomized at the 20th day of gestation and pregnancy
interruption rate, litter size.weight of alive fetus and
hemograms were observed. The findings obtained are
as follows:
1. Pregnancy interruption rate increased in both
acute and chronic exposure groups and the group
which had simple acute exposure at the 13th day of
gestation to 0.45% Corevealed the highest pregnancy
interruption rate
2. There is no difference in litter size between the
control and the expoxed groups, but the weight of
alive fetus decreased in the exposed groups with stat
isticaI significance
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