아세칠콜린이 관상동맥 평활근 수축에 미치는 영향
Responses of coronary smooth muscle to acetylcholine

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김기환; 김종환
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1978;19(4):198-204
Responses to acetylcholine were studied in isolated coronary helical muscle strips of intramural and extr‘
amural vessels. Helical strips of arterial muscle were
prepared from pig coronary arteries. All experiments
were performed in Tris-buffered Tyrode solution whi
ch was aerated with 100% 0, and kept at 35°C.
Acetylcholine (l0-8M~ l a-'M) caused dose-dependendy
a phasic contraction of both extramural large
and intramural small arteries. The contraction was
blocked by atropine. Even on K-contracture (40 mM
Kη and in Ca"-free Tyrode and also in the La3+ -containing
Ca"-free Tyrode solution, acetylcholine (10- '
M) still prod uced a characteristic small phasic contraction
The contractions in the Tyrode solution pretreated
with verapamil (I mg!1) and in Ca"-free Tyrode
solution decreased from peak tensions more rapidly
than in those of normal Tyrode solution
The results of this experiment suggest that acetylcholine
promoted both the mobilization of cellular
Ca" and transmembrane Ca"-influx through the stimulation
of cholinergic receptor.
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