An Implantable Multichannel Stimulating System IC for Deep Brain Stimulation

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이태형; 박세익; 송종근; 김성준
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제15회 한국 반도체 학술대회, 보광 휘닉스 파크, 2008년 2월 20-22일
This paper proposes a newly designed deep brain
stimulation(DBS) system which have selective
multi-channels and enable to control electrical
stimulating parameter widely for various experiments.
To realize the proposed system, neural current
stimulation chip, wireless data and power
transmitter/receiver are developed, and additional
charging circuit and memory block are composed to
total set of system. The system receives inductive
power to operate only receiver and data at 125 kb/s
from a amplitude shift keyed (ASK) 2.5 MHz carrier to
generate stimulus pulses. The current stimulation chip
has 12-bits inputs to adjust stimulus pulse parameter,
3-bits inputs for channel enable and 1-bits to control
chip operating. This chip which was fabricated using
0.35um CMOS process can generate biphasic stimulus
pulse with wide range. The prototype implant system
size without battery is 20mm x 30mm x 3mm.
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