Maackia Amurensis Ruprechet(다름나무)의 성분 및 약리작용의 연구(제1보)
Studies on the Chemical Composit ion of Maaekia amurensis Rup. and its Pharmaeological Actions. (First Report)

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1960;1(1):55-58
Water extract was obtained from the bark of
Maackia amurensis Rup. and part of it was extracted
with alcohol once more. Furthermore, being
treated with lead acetate, a part of alcohol extract
was separated into precipitate and supernatant,
after then lead was removed from the supernatant
and precipitate. with these various extracts author
investigated pharmacological actions on various
organs and following results were obtained.
D When a minute amount of the extracts were
injected subcutaneously into mice, the animals contracted
convulsion, respiratory paralysis and finally
died. In these cases, toxicity was most remarkable
in lead acetated treated filtrate next to this was
alcohol extract and lead acetate treated residue
was weakest in its toxicity.
2) Lead acetate treated filtrate was precipitable
with Mayer’s reagent, tannic acid and platinum
chloride. Accordingly, it was proved to be one of
alkaloids qualitatively.
3) Water extract and alcohol extract exhibited
marked blood pressrue lowering effect and repiratory
paralysis in the rabbit.
4) In a small amount, these extracts caused increase
of amplitude of heart-beat, gradual elevation
of tonus of the isolated frog heart and finally
cessation of the heart’beat at systolic stage.
5) These extracts showed vaso-dilating effect in
the perfused rabbit ear and paralytic effect to the
stripped intestine and uterus of the rabbit.
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