E.Coli; 균내독소(Cr^51Cl3표식)의 임신 「랫트」태반, 태아, 특히 그 당원량에 미치는 영향에 관한 실험적연구
An experimental study of the effect of E. coli endotoxin (Cr51 labelled) 。n the rat placenta and foetus, especially on their glycogen content.

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1960;1(1):65-68
Transmission of E. coli endotoxin to the foetus
and its effect on the placenta and foetus, especially
on glycogen content of the foetalliver, after intraperitoneal
injection of Cr51 labelled E. coli endotoxin
into the pregnant rats were described. The marked
level of radioactivity: of the foetal tissue a few
hours after injection of the labelled endotoxin into
a pregnant rat is conclusive evidence that a considerable amount of the injected endotoxin has reached
the foetus via the placenta and that foetal toxaemia
has occu~red. E. coli endotoxin is capable of
causing lesions in the placenta associated with vaseular
engorgement and changes in the foetus associated
with low glycogen content of the liver. It is
suggested that the low concentration of glycogen
in the foetal liver is the outcome firstly of want
of glucose available to transfer from mother to foetus
due to maternal toxaemia and secondly of consumption
of the glycogen previously accumulated
in the foetal liver due to foetal toxaemia
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