A Neural Chip for Simultaneous, 32 channel Electrical Stimulation and Neural Signal Recording

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송종근; 이성은; 박정환; 정세훈; 김성준
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제15회 한국 반도체 학술대회, 보광 휘닉스 파크, 2008년 2월 20-22일
Neuronal networks can build up very complicate form
as the period of neuronal culture. In order to analysis
these networks, electrical stimulation for firing action
potential and neural signal recording of distributed
adjacent neurons should be carried out, simultaneously.
This paper presents a system IC which can
simultaneously perform multichannel electrical
stimulation and neural signal recording. The developed
IC was composed of 16 independent current DACs
which were synchronized by external control signals.
Analog PWM data receiver for setting stimulation
parameters and stimulating electrode number was used
for microcontroller based automatic control. Recording
systems were implemented with discrete parts of amp,
filter, etc. Stimulation and recording were
simultaneously performed through planar type
microelectrode arrays (MEA) that was neuron culture
plate. Using presented system, we can continuously
monitor the evolving process of neuronal network
within an incubation system.
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