정상견의 C^14-포도당 대사
Metabolism of C1L g lu cos e in the Intact Dog

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1960;1(3):81-87
With the aid of CJ4-labeled glucose. the metabolism
of glucose in the intact dog was investigated in eight
C1Lglucose was administered in a single initial dose,
specific activity of plasma glucose was allowed to decrease
thereafter. On the basis of the S.A.-time curve of
plasma glucose in wl>ich S.A. of plasma glucose decreased
exponentially with time showing a kinetic characteristics
of steady state of the glucose metabolism,
the followiug data were determined.
1) The glucose pool of intact dog was calculated by
dilution principle• obtaining ratio of total counts injected
and zero time specific activity of plasma glucose,
isotope the mean value of glucose pool was427.1 mg/kg.
Assuming glucose level in the glucose pool was same
with that of plasma, the distribution space of glucose
in the body was calculated as an average of 40.7% of
body weight.
2) Turnover rate and half time(t상 of the glucose
pool were calculated by the first order kinetic equation
obtaining the slope of the S.A.-time curve of plasma
glucose. Average turnover rate of the glucose pool
was 208.5mg/hr/kg of body weight and half time was
1.03 hour.
3) The percentage of respiratory C02 drived from
plasma glucose, which was calculated by obtaining ratio
of zero time S.A. of plasma glucose to respiratory
C02 was 31.8% of the total C02 output.
4) Average value of 18.7% of glucose disappeared
from plasma was oxidated to respiratory C02. From
these data , it seems that minor portion of the disappeared
glucose participated iu furnishing oxidative energy.
5) S.A. of glycogen isolated from liver. skeletal and
cardiac muscle was measured and turnover rates of
glycogens were compared qualitatively each other. Livcr
glycogen was metabolically more active than ske·
letal and cardiac glycogen.
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