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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1975;16(2):130-138
Culdoscopic tuba! sterilization was attempted in 396
cases 、이1 0 visited the Department of Obstetrics and
Gynecology, Seoul ?'Iat iona l University, requesting
sterilization. to assess the acceptability of the procedure
and to ohserve the nature and frequency of
side effects and complications as well as the postoperative
morbidi i:y. Comparison in various aspects was
also mace bet\、een inten'al and immediate postabor
tive sterilization group.
About 40 per cent of the acceptors aged 30-34 and
roughly half of the total had 3 children. Majority
of the cases have experienced in one or more induced
abortion. Patients who had tubal adhesion with the
adjacent organ rated 5.8 per cent of the total and
the rate of failure in surgery because of limited tubal
mobility was 1.5 per cent. Patients ,...-ere \veIl tole
rated with Demero! and Valium as well as the local
infiltration of 1% procaine at the cul-de-sac puncture
site , ho、vever , the dosage of Demerol additionally
given during surgery varied from 25 to 150 mg. In
about half of the total , 50 mg of Demerol was eno
ugh during the surgery in both interval and posta•
bortive groups. Operative time, from cuI-dc-sac
puncture to the closure of the colpotomy, was les&
than 20 minutes in about 90 per cent in both group& and hours of hospital stay varied from 2 to 6 hours.
Postoperative discomfort such as lower abdominal pain
subdiaphragmatic and/or shoulder pain were not inf
requently complained. They usually lasted one or two
<lays. These discomforts were observed in 36· 0 per
cent of the interval and in 38.0 per cent of the
postabortive sterilization group. There was no single
case of bleeding or perforation of rectum. but 1.2
per cent of postoperative infection rate was observed
in the interval sterilization group and 3.3 per cent
in the post-abortive sterilization group, giving a
overall infection rate of 1.7 per cent.
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