동종갑상선추출물과 Adjuvant의 반복주사로 인한 가토의 혈액상 및 임파구모세포화에 관한 연구
An Experimental Study on he Blood Picture and the Lymphocyte Transformation in Autoimmune Thyroiditis.

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장순명; 김상인; 박길수
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1975;16(2):139-151
Recent interests h. autoimmune diseases with
investigations on its ifIh…mological character elucidated
the nature of variou.; human disorders such as
Sj6rgen’s disease, S. L. c. pernicious anemia. rheum
atoid arthritis, chronic thyroiditis. especially of
Hashirr.oto ’s lyphocytic ty /,c and other diseases, yet
the pathogenesis is not fu1Jy clarified
The authors attempted an experimental study for
further elucidation of the pathogenesis of autoimmune
thyroiditis. The lymphocytes from rabbits sensitized
with homologous thyroid extract and/or adjuvant
was cultured in the presence of homologous thyroid
and the peripheral blood pictures during the sensiti
zation antigen and non-specific stimulant PHA. The
rates of lymphocyte transformation in 72• hour cultures
were analyzed. The results are summerized as
I. Changes of hemoglobin values and peripheral
leucocytosis of each experimental group were slight,
however the leucocytosis and relative lymphocytopenia
were observed in the group sensitized with a mixture
of homologous thyroid extract and Freund’s adjuvant
2· The transformation of peripheral blood lymphocytes
of normal rabbits in the presence of homol
ogous thyroid extract was 、ery few and almost negl
3. Lymphocytes of rabbits sensitized with thyroid
ext;:-act showed evidently higher transformation rate
than that of unsensitize:l normal rabbits in the
present:e of homologous thyroid extract, he';‘ e'.'er
these lymphocytes showed almost same degree of
transformation rates in the presence of PHA as in
unsensitized normal groups of rabbits.
4. Transformation rates of lymphocytes of either
group sensitized with Freund’s adjuvant or homologous
thyroid extract showed similar results when cultureJ
with either the thyroid extract or PHA in vitro
5. Lymphocytes from the rabbits sensitized with a
mixture of homologous thyroid extract and Freund’ S
adjuvant gave higher transformation rates than that
of any other groups.
6. Lymphocytes sensitized with homologous thyroid
extract showed variable rates of transformation
according to the indivisuality of the rabbits. It is
thought that these variabilities are due probably to
the degree of sensitization or susceptibility of indi
visual rabbit to the PHA or the antigens.
It is summerized that the rate of blastogenesis of
rabbit lymphocytes stimulated by thyroid extract and cultured with thyroid extract or PHA is similar
to that of adjuvant stimulated, while that of thyroid
extract with adjuvant is remarkably higher than
'the above two experimental groups. This results
suggest that the specific and non-specific stimulation
of T -lymphocytes may be closely related to the
pathogenesis of autoimmune thyroiditis.
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