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Effect of Histamine on the Lymph Flow in the Dog

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1975;16(3):175-183
The effect of histamine on the thoracic duct
lymph flow and the disappearance of plasma albumin
(T -1824 tagged) in nineteen dogs was observed.
Mongrel dogs. between 10 and 20 kg in weight. were
anesthetized and arterial blood pressure. central
venous pressure, lymph pressure, lymph flow and
the disappearance rate of plasma albumin were
measured. Evans blue (0. 5 mg/cc) injections were
made by the amount of 1. 0 cc/kg into right jugular
vein, and then blood and lymph samples were col
lected simultaneously at a programmed interval in
order to measure potassium, protein and T -1824
concentrations. Histamine (l00 pg/cc) was infused
slowly through the jugular vein and blood pressure
was maintained at the lowered level of 80/40 mmHg
for more than 30 minutes. and then T - 1824 was
The average side pressure of lymph was 1. 3 em
H20 and the average lymph flow from the thoracic
duct was 0.49 ml per minute (2.34 ml/kg·hr). The
mean total protein concentration of plm:n"'.a was
5.4 gm/IOO ml (albumin 3. 2. globulin 2. 2. A/G 1. 45).
and that of lymph was 3.7 gm/l00 ml (albumin 2. 1.
globulin 1. 6. A/G 1. 31) . The thoracic duct lymph
flow increased 3.3 times after histamine injection.
The disappearonce rate of the plasma tagged with T
1824 was O. 108/hr in the control group. and that of
the histamine group was O. 133/hr. The half time of
plasma albumin disappearance was 6.42 hours in the
control group, and that of the histamine group was
5.21 hours. After histamine injection, time-concentratioD
curves of lymph protein showed that the
appearance tIme ιlas shortened, peak concentration
reached earlier and was more elevated than in the
control group. By the histamine injection total
plasma protein and A/G ratio decreased due to the
proportionately sharp decrease in plasma albumin,
and those of lymph increased due to the increase
of lymph albumin. Plasma potassium concentration
revealed a slight increasing tendency after histamine
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