이뇨시의 혈당량 증가기전에 관한 실험적 연구
An experimental study on the mechanism of increase in blood glucose on furosemide diuresis

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1975;16(3):167-174
The experiment was designed to determine whether
hyperglycemia induced by diuresis is mediated thro
ugh hypoinsulinemia
Th2 changes in the concentration of serum sodium,
potassium. and calcium, in the plasma glucose and
insulin level, and in the urinary excretion. potass
ium and calcium after an intravenous injection of
furosemide were measured in five normal volunteers
with or ',vithout previous diuretics administration.
The results were as follows
]) The plasma glucose level increased slightly and
the plas :na insulin level decreased slightly after furosemide
administration in normal subjects \vithout any
pretreatment, but little significant changes were
2> Furosemide injection resulted in a moderate inc~
rease in glucose level and a significant u t:: c r e a ~ e in
insulin level in the subjects '''ith previous diuretics
administration. The changes in insulin level preceeded
the changes in glucose level
3) The amount of urinary sodium and potassum
excretio~l during two hours after furosemide injection
was larger than that of daily excretion and the
greater part of diuresis was observed within sixty
minutes after the injection
4) Furosemide injection did not induce any signifi•
cant change in serum electrolyte concentration
regardless of massive urinary excretion
5) From the above results it was postulated that
diures’s elicited hyper;3'lycemia was not due to a
relative increase in the concentration following plasma
water loss but due to the decrease in insulin secretion
following potassium depletion
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