가족계획변수와 소아보건의 상관성
The Interrelationship between Family Planning and Child Health

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권이혁; 김태용; 홍재웅
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1975;16(4):217-227
The interrelationship bctv.reen such variables as
number of siblings, birth order. interval between
births and existence of a younger brother or a
younger sister of a given child which are consi
dered to be important factors affecting the decision
to adopt contraceptive practices on the part of his
parents, and the occurance of injuries owing to
accidents and illnesses plus factors associated with
growth and development of the came child have
been explored in this study, to confirm and com
pare with the findings obLained in other countries
A total of 848 young children, ranging from I
to 3 years and residing ill Kumbuk Dong (I - Ka
and 2Ka) , Sungdong Gu District. Seoul City have been observed for 4 week’s period on the occurence
of illnesses and accidents. Of these a total 428
children underwent measurements of height, weight,
chest circumference and physical development
values. As to the accidents and their illnesses,
mothers of respective children were asked to
record on given forms, to be examined by trained
investigators later. All measurements of physical
values were compared with the mean values for
Korean children computed on the basis of sex and
age by month, while the weight-height ratio and
Kaup index were computed to be employed as indirect
measurements for physical growth and nutritional
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