성장발육 과정에 따른 백서 뇌조직의 생화학적 변화에 관한 연구
Biochemical studies on rat brain tissues during postnatal growth

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1975;16(4):228-241
Wistar rats were used without sex discrimination
in these studies. Rats of a family derived from
same parent were devided into 5 groups such as 1st
week-, 2nd week-, 3rd week-, 4th week- and 8th
week-postnatal age groups, consisted of 11 rats
Whole brain tissue homogenates were prepared
without delay after removal.' of brains and were
immediately subjected to varying biochemical
assays. The variations were examined and discussed
in the course of 8 weeks of postnatal age on the
amounts of nucleic acids, protein, total free amino
acids, acid amino acids and GABA, and the activities
of RNase, RNase inhibitor, LDH, and GDA. The
results obtained were summarized as follows.
1. Whole brain weight of rats showed a marked
increase from 0.49 of first week age to 1. 4g of
third week age , and steady but a much lesser
increase thereafter until 8th week.
2. There occurred a marked decrease in brain
DNA level at g wet weight tissue basis during first
to third week after birth, followed by a slight
decrease until 8th week postnatal age. Its ster
decline was more notable during 2nd to 3rd postnatal
week. There showed a slight but steady decrease
in brain RNA level at g wet tissue basis in the
course of 8 weeks after birth. But total DNA
contents of whole brain tissue showed a marked
increase during same period, but latter being
more noticeable.
3. The brain protein content at g wet tissue
basis increased markedly during first to third
week after birth, showing same pattern of increase
in whole brain weights.
4. The total free amino acid content tended to
decrease at g wet tissue basis until 4th postnatal
week from birth. The glutamic acid level was
shown a marked rise until 4th week after birth,
showing just same trend of increase in whole brain
weight and protein content. The contents of
aspartic acid and GABA in brain tissue increased
slightly during 3rd week after birth.
5. The total LDH activity in brain tissue
increased until 3rd postnatal week , and the LDH
isozyme pattern varied during 3 postnatal weeks,
thus LDH 1 and LDH 2 isozyme activities showed
a sharp increase during first to third week after
birth, whereas the isozymes activities of LDH 5 and
LDH 4 showed a decrease during same period.
6. The activity of free alkaline RNase in brain
tissue decreased sharply during first to fourth
week after birth, followed by a slight increase at
8th week. In contrast, the RNase inhibitor activity
showed no variation during experimental period.
7. The activity of GDA in brain tissue showed
no marked change except its increase at 2nd week
during the same period coinciding with the most
marked variation of nucleic acids.
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