보육시설 영유아의 건강관리를 위한 특수보육 요구조사 Ⅱ - 보육교사의 요구를 중심으로
Needs of Day-care Staff for a Center-based Child Care Health Program Ⅱ

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한경자; 김지수; 최미영
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아동간호학회 = Korean Academy of Child Health Nursing
J Korean Acad Child Health Nurs, 13(2), 128-135
보육시설영유아건강관리Child day care centersChildHealth care
Purpose: To investigate health problems in child day care centers, needs for Child Care Health Programs, and
management of sick children by day-care staff. Methods: A cross-sectional descriptive study. Day-care staff
(N=206) from 33 day care centers in Seoul, completed a structured questionnaire. Results: Almost half of the
day-care staff (53.4%) experienced sick events in their child at least once a month. The most frequently reported
difficulty in having a sick child was in not having a health professional to consult, and almost all day-care staff
(99.5%) had asked parents not to bring a sick child to the day care center. The biggest reason of exclusion was
due to infectious disease including measles, chicken pox, mumps, diarrhea․vomiting, and pink eye. The majority of
day-care staff (97.6%) agreed that there is a need for Center-based Child Care Health Program (CCCHP), and
expected general health & illness management, and special care for chronic disease from CCCHP. Conclusion:
These results showed a high incidence of sickness in children in day care centers, and there were great demands
for a Center-based Child Care Health Program for day-care staff. Also the results of this study can be utilized as
a basis for the establishment of child care policy in Korea.
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