산소결핍 및 비산소결핍 급성 호흡성 산증의 비교연구
Comparative Studies of Acute Respiratory Acidosis Complicated with or without Hypoxia

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신이철; 김우겸
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1981;22(1):15-22
Comparative studies of acute respiratory acidosis
complicated with and without hypoxia have been made.
Acute respiratory acidosis complicated with hypoxia
were induced hy placing rabbits for four to six hours
into the air-tight chamber which has fifty liter capacity.
And acute respiratory acidosis which was not
complicated with hypoxia were induced leaving rabbits
for three to six hours into the chamber filled with
5% CO2-02 gas mixture.
The following data were obtained
1. As animal rebreathes with a certain volume of
air in the chamber , along with the time being , partial
pressure of oxygen decreased and partial pressure of
carbon dioxide increased. However, rabbits, in spite
of suffering from moderate respiratory acidosis, were
not always complicated with hypoxia by severe hyperventilation
2. As partial pressure of carbon dioxide of the
arterial blood increased with normal partial pressure
of oxygen, plasma bicarbonate increased steadily.
However, with hypoxemia , plasma bicarbonate did
not increase with the rise of carbon dioxide tension
as much as to be expected. This might suggest that
there was some extra acid production and/or renal
failure of bicarbonate reabsorption
Diκerences of acid-base pattern between them were
clearly demonstrated in pH-HCO.- diagram. With
hypoxia the slopes of blood buffer curve were much
less steep than the cases of without hypoxia.
Above results suggest that when severe respiratroy
acidosis is complicated with hypoxia , oxygen supply
will improve the case and eliminate the metabolic
component of acid-base disturbance.
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