Seperation Analysis of Strap-ons in the Multi-stage Launch Vehicle Using the Grid Computing Technique

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Ko, Soon-Heum; Kim, Chongam; Kim, Kyu Hong; Cho, Kum Won
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44th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit
9 - 12 January 2006, Reno, Nevada
Separation Motion of Strap-on BoostersChimera Overset MeshThe GridBase Flow
A numerical technique for simulating the separation dynamics of strap-on boosters is presented. Six degree
of freedom rigid body equations of motion are integrated into the three-dimensional unsteady Navier-Stokes
solution procedure to determine the dynamic motions of strap-ons. An automated Chimera overset mesh
technique is introduced to achieve maximum efficiency for the relative motion of multiple bodies and each
mesh is constructed as multi-block mesh for the representation of the after-body flow. Additionally, a new
computing concept, called ‘the Grid computing technique’[1,2], is adopted to guarantee sufficient computing
resources and a simple load balancing technique is proposed for an efficient computation in the Grid. As a
validation of Chimera mesh technique implementation, computed results around the Titan IV launch vehicle
is compared with experimental data and, as a validation of base flow analysis, the aerodynamic coefficients of
a strap-on booster of KSR-Ⅲ is analyzed numerically. The complete analysis process is then applied to the
KSR-Ⅲ, a three-stage sounding rocket researched in Korea. From the analyses, the base flow effect on
separation motions of strap-on boosters are investigated and the different aerodynamic characteristics of
inviscid and viscous flows at every time interval are examined. In addition, a guidance map of the jettisoning
forces and moments for a safe separation is presented from various simulations of separation phenomena with
different jettisoning conditions.
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