헤모필루스 질염의 빈도
Incidence of Hemophilus vaginalis vaginitis

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국윤호; 장우현; 김원자; 신동순
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1981;22(1):75-82
Leukorrhea is the primary symptom of vaginitis
and also one of the most annoying problem to the
patients in gynecologic field. Since Gardner and Dukes
reported that this fastidious organism, H. vaginalis, is
the causative agent in more than 90% of cases of
nonspecific bacterial vaginitis showing leukorrhea,
several reports on the incidence of H.vaginalis vagin~
itis in some countries were known.
However. there is no report in Korea about the
H.vaginaUs vaginitis incidence, so we tried to get the
incidence of H.vaginalis vaginitis as a specific disease
entity among the patients complaining leukorrhea in
this country. At the same time we compared this with
other specific vaginitises, especially caused by trichomonas
and candida species which are still known as
the major offender in the female lower genital tract.
li.vaginalis vaginitis and monilial vaginitis were
diagnosed by culturing all the specimens on PSD
BAP(5%) affording good growth to H.vaginalis and
candida species too. Trichomonas vaginitis was diagnosed
by wet mounting. And the identification of
H.vaginalis was followed after those previous reports.
The results was as follows:
1. The incidence of H.νaginalis vaginitis is 23.2%
among the 479 leukorrheal patients.
2. The incidence in the age group of 30~35 is
higher than any oter age groups screened.
3. H. vaginalis vaginitis is consistently found up to late fifties.
4. H.vaginalis infection rate in nonpregnant women
is higher(P<0.05) than that in pregnant women, and
higher(P<0.05) in early pregnant than late pregnant
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