망막 혈관 폐쇄의 실험적 연구
An Experimental Study on the Central Retinal Vessels Occlusion

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한영복; 이재홍
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1981;22(1):143-147
Experimental occlusion of the retinal vessels of
rabbit eye was induced by coagulating them at the
disc margin with MIRA endodiathermy inserted into
the vitreous cavity through the inferior temporal
epuator of the eyeball.
The fundus changes, electroretinographic changes
were observed at regular intervals for three weeks
after coagulation of the retinal vessels.
There was no significant difference between the
occlusion of both central retinal artery and central
retinal vein and of the central retinal vein alone‘
The following results were ohtained;
1. Fundus changes are ischemic in nature such as
retinal edema, optic di;;c edema, retinal hemorrhages.
These changes are confined to the medullary nerve fiber layer which is supplied by the central retinal
2. Immediately after the coagulation of the retinal
vessels, b wave amplitude was increased. But there
was no specific relationship between the central retinal
vessels occlusion and electroretinographic findings in
this study. The electroretinographic changes were
normalized one day after coagulation
3. Pathologic study showed the edema of the nerve
fiber layer and degenerative changes of the ganglion
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