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A Histopathologic Study on Primary Tumors of Bone

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함의근; 안긍환; 이윤성
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1981;22(2):181-188
A total of 182 cases of primary tumors of bone and cartilage was obtained from the Pathology file of the
Department of Pathology, College of Medicine, Seoul
National University during a period of 10 years
beginning from January 1968 to December 1977.
These tumors consisted of 85 cases(47%) of benign
tumors and 97 cases(53%) of malignant tumors. Osteo·
chondroma was most frequent benign tumor(38. 8%) ,
followed by giant cell tumor(22.9%) , chondroma
(12. 9%) , and osteoid osteoma(9. 4%). Osteosarcoma
was the most frequent malignant tumor(49.5%) ,
followed by myeloma (19. 6%), chondrosarcoma (10.3
%), Ewing’s tumor(7. 2%) , and fibrosarcoma(7. 2%).
Benign tumors were most prevalent in the 2nd and
3rd decade (71. 1%). Osteosarcoma and Ewing’s tumor
were frequent in 2nd decade but chondrosarcoma,
myeloma , parosteal osteosarcoma, and chordoma were
primarily tumors of adulthood after 40 years of age
The long tubular bones including femur and tibia
were the site of predilection of benign tumors and
osteosarcoma. But enchondroma characteristically involved
phalangeal bones of hand. Chondrosarcoma had
predilection for innominate bone, sacrum and femur.
The chief complaints of bone tumor patient were
palpable mass and/ or pain. The duration of symptoms
prior to admission was longer in benign tumors in
contrast to shorter history in malignant tumors. but
a history of 5 years or longer was not unusual in
chondrosarcoma and parosteal osteosarcoma
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