한국 정상 청소년의 MMPI반응에 관한 표준화 연구
An MMPI Normative Study on Korean Adolescents

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이정균; 김중술; 홍강의
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1981;22(3):399-411
The MMPI booklet form of 566 items were administered
to total 2,212 0 , 081 male, L 131 female)
middle and high school students in Seoul (metropo!
i tan), Sungnam (city) and Yangyang (rural) areas
in order to secure Korean adolescent MMPI norms.
The major findings are as follows:
1. Their mean T -scores of each scale do not
deviate much from the adolescent norms currently
in use in Korea although elevations on Sc and Ma
scales are noticed.
2. The male students are found to have higher
T·scores on almost every scales compared to the
females , particularly so on F, Pa, Pt Sc and scales
3. The high school students tend to show slightly
higher elevation compared to the middle school
students on almost all scales, particularly on Ma
while low on K scale
4. Rural students are found to to be more vulnerable
in their mental health, indicated by generally
more elevated clinical scales, particularly Pa, Pt , Sc
and Si, as well as higher Anxiety Index , lower Ego
Srength and higher Internalization Ratio
5. 24.27 percent of total adolescent students has
either one-point or two-point high-point codes, most
frequent scales among them being Sc and Si scale.
High-point codes are associated with more males
than females , more high school students than middle
school ones, and more rural students than Seoul or
city ones.
6. Generally male students can be said to be more
loaded with psychological burden than the females,
particularly those middle school students in rural
area and high school students in Seoul.
Implications of the above findings are discussed in
view of developmental differences between male and
female students, sociocultural aspect, and greater
psychological burden and stress on the part of male
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