한국인 고령자 외비의 체질인류학적 연구
Anthropological Study oR the External Nose of the Aged Korean

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1981;22(3):413-418
The authors measured the external nose of the 305
aged Korean, (127 male, 178 female) , and presented
the mean, standard deviation and variation coefficients
with their standard errors of the varoius measurements
and indices.
The conclusion were made as followings
1. The checked items: nasal height, nasal length,
nasal width, nasal depth, length of nose bridge , width
of nose bridge, length of anterior nares, width of
anterior nares, distance of inner canthus, nasal index ,
depth-width index of the nose
2. The means, standard deviations, variation coe뻐
cients with their standard errors of each items were
presented by both sexes as table 2-12
3. Sexual difference were statistically significant in
nasal height, nasal length and nasal width of the
fities and sixties(p4. There were no items in which age difference
were significant(p)O.01) .
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