한국에 있어서의 개심술 - 서울대학교 의과대학 흉부외과학교실 개심술 1,701예의 분석 -
Open Heart Surgery in Korea -A Summary of 1,701 Cases in Seoul National University Hospital-

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1981;22(4):449-469
Open heart surgery utilizing cardiopulmonary bypass
is a rather difficult clinical enterprise among
clinical fields especially in a developing country.
It is due to the facts that require a large sum of
investment in cquipments and facilities, organization
of a specialists team , costly medical expenses, and
that high risk with technical difficulties are unavoidable.
Since the first open heart surgery was performed
on ventricular septal defect in this department on
August 6, 1959, 1,701 cases were done up to the
end of september 1981.
Few cases and high operative mortality at the
incipient stage progressed to larger number of cases
and decreased mortality.
Since 1977 when 100 open heart surgery cases a
year were marked in this institution for the first
time in Korea , annual increase and improvement of
operative results were remarkable.
In 1980 annual 116 open heart surgery cases were
performed and it will reach GOO cases this year with
oYer all mortality rate of less than 10%‘
Among 1701 open heart surgery cases 1, 155 were
congenital consisting of 674 acyanotic and 181 cyanotic
cases with operative mortality of 4.8% and
22.9% respectively.
Main anomalies were ventricular septal defect (393
cases) , tetralogy of Fallot (391 cases) and atrial
septal defect(174 cases).
In acquired diseases valvular heart lesions were
found in 523 cases out of total 539 patients.
There were 16 cardiac myxomas, consisting of 13
left atrial, one right atrial, one right ventricular,
and one left ventricular cases. All of 16 cascs survived
operation and operative results were satisfactory.
59G valves were replaced in 495 patients.
There werc 399 single valve , 91 double valve , and
5 triple valve rcplacement cases with over all mortality
of 10.7%, 15.4%, and 20% respectively.
Due to the difficulties of postoperative anticoagula
tion in Korea, bioprosthetic valves (Ionescu-Shiley
bovine pericardial xenograft) were mainly utilized
In valve replacement cases decrease in operative
mortality was remarkable recently.
In 9 months period this year over alI mortality
was 3.3% for 121 valve replacemennt cases, consis
ting of 99 single, 20 double and 2 triple valve replacements.
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