Immunochemical Measurement of Serum Transferrin - A Study on Correlation between Immunochemical Determination of Serum Transferrin and Chemical Measurement of Serum Total Iron-Binding Capacity-
면역화학측정법을 이용한 혈청 Transferrin 측정에 관한 연구

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Kim, Jin Q; Kim, Sang In; Siede, Werner H.; Seiffert, Urlich B.
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1981;22(4):546-550
Various methods are available for measuring
total iron·binding capacity in serum (TIBC)
which is an indirect measure of serum trans·
ferrin content. All of these methods are cumbersome
and have methodological disadvantages
such as a high sample amount , possibility for
iron contamination of the laboratory ware‘
unspecificity because of other iron-binding proteins
in serum and problems to optimize the
method (Koepke, 1965; Williams and Conrad,
1972; Von der Heul et aI., 1972; Frazer, 197:1;
Haeckel et aI. , 1973; Schmidt et aI. , 1975;
Tsung ct al ‘ 1975; Graham and Bates, 1976;
Rajamacki ct aI., 1979; Seiffert, 1981).
Immunochemical methods have made a direct
immunological measurement of serum transferrin
possible (Goodman et aI., 1958; Wilding and
Rollason, 1972; Haeckel et aI., 1973; Schmidt
et aI., 1975; Tsung et aI., 1975; Kreutzer.
1976) .
The purpose of the present work was to
study the correlation hetween serum transferrin
and TIBC values in healthy and anemic persons.
* This research was supported in part by scholarship
from the State Government for Bessen in Federal
R('public of Germany in the year of 10m‘
Further to determine reference values of serum
transferrin for adults of both sexes and for 2
groups of children at different age.
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