한국인 태아의 대뇌피질 발육에 관한 형태학적 연구
Cortical Development of Human Fetal Brains

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석정우; 신성식; 지제근
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1984;25(1):29-44
An understanding of the development of the cerebra!
cortex is essential for an understanding of abnormal
conditions in neonates. All of the insults that affect
the nervous system of the fetus exert a wide variety
of disturbances of neural development that are flagr
antly apparent in the neonatal period. There is strong
likelihood that many of these insults exert deleterious
and far·reaching effects on certain aspects of cerebraI
cortical development because cerebral cortex is
developing in many distinctive ways and at a very
rapid rate.
To evaluate the development of cerebral cortex , a
total of 86 brains of Korean fetuses of gestational
ages ranging from 11 to 40 weeks, was studied
The fetuses were products of therapeutic abortions,
and were proved to be normal after complete examinatien
of fetuses and placentas. The brains were
removed as soon as possible after delivery, and were
fixed in 10% formalin for 1 to 2 weeks before being
examined for this study. Representative blocks were
taken from five different portions of cerebrum.
Through routine histological process, slides were
made and stained with Hematoxylin-Eosin and LuxolFast-
Blue for general morphology_ Tables were made
to list developmental process of cerebral cortex.
And the listing was based on microscopically demonstrated
findings and measures of various portions
of cerebral cortex.
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