녹농균에서 정제한 original endotoxin protein의 방어효과 및 면역학적 기전
Protective effect of original endotoxin protein and possible immunological mechanism

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최명식; 장우현; 김익상
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1984;25(1):56-65
Pseudomonas aeruginosa has been known as one of
the major causative microorganisms of the opportun:
istic infection. However, a variety of chemotherapeutic
:m easures have been found to be unsatisfactory because of its intrinsic resistance to most of currently used
chemotherapeutic agents and of its ability to acquire
antimicrobial resistance.
Therefore, immunological measures have been tried
as an alternative approach to preγent pseudomonas
In this study, original endotoxin protein(OEP) ,
which was purified from autolytic culture lysates of
P. aeruginosa N•10 , was studied 、,v i t h respect to its
preventive effect in pseudomonas infection and its
possible mechanisms of action.
The preventive effect was evaluated by comparing
LDso of P. aeruginosa in burned mice with or 、iv i t h o u t
OEP immunization (5μg/mouse, twice)
The protective mechanism of OEP 、‘ as studied in
the aspect of the humoral immune response and
phagocytic and bactericidal activities of peripheral
polymorphonuclear leukocytes in the immunized mice.
The results were as follows.
1. LD50 of P. aeruginosa was significantly (0、er the
95% confidence interval) increased in the OEP
immune ICR mice, against challenge with 13
serotYr:es of P. aeruginosa isolated from clinical
specimen of Seoul National University Hospital
2. After OEP immunization, rising of agglutinin
titer to 10 kinds of P. aeruginosa serotype were
Ten serotypes was as follow; A(Pa-13), DCPa
48) , E(Pa-16) , GCPa•55) , H(Pa-79) , I(Pa•49) ,
](Pa-84), K(Pa-80) , LCPa-83) , and M(Pa-85)
But agglutinins to 3 kinds of P. aeruginosa,
serotype B(Pa-4) , C(Pa•29) and F serotype (Pa9)
were not ohserved.
3. Only 5. 696 of P. aerugiηosa were survived after
reacting with the OEP immune rabbit serum with
complement for 24 hrs , at 4'C.
Decreasing viable P. aerugiηosa after reacting
with the OEP immune rabbit serum was partially
inhibited by absorbing the OEP immune serum
with Pa-13.
4. When rabbit peripheral hlood was reacted with
Pa-13 (5 X 107 microorganism/ml) for 1 hour at
37°C, phagocytic act ivity was found in 80.096 of
polymorphonuclear leukocytes from OEP immune
rabbit and 28.9% from normal rabbit 5. Number of viable P. aeruginosa was decreased
to 6% after reacting with the OEP immune
rabbit blood for 1 hour at 37°C, in contrast it was
decreased to 77% in normal rabbit blood.
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