만성 신부전증 환자의 근전도상에 대한 연구
A Electromyographic study of Chronic Renal Failure

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1984;25(2):248-255
Uremic neuropathy is one of the least understood
of common neuropathies. This study was aimed t。
c1earify of the changes of nerve conduction study
between control and chronic renal failure group. The
effects of the Hemodialysis, leading method of treatment
of uremic neuropathy, of short term; less than
60 times and long term; over 60 times are analysed
and assessed with nerve conduction studies and resu·
lted in the followings.
1. The nerve conduction velocities of peroneal nerve
and posterior tibial nerve (sensory nerve in superficial
peroneal nerve and sural nerve) in 32 cases of control
group and 39 cases of chronic renal failure are resulted
in significantly delayed in chronic renal failure.
2. The parameters of sensory nerve action potentials;
the amplitude and distallatencies are lowered and
prolonged significantly in CRF.
3. 18 cases of chronic renal failure which were
under the hemodialysis treatment, were grouped in
short dialysis; under the 60 times and long one; over
than 60 times The differences of motor and sensory
conduction velocity are significantly improved in long
term cases, except in superficial peroneal nerve.
4. Abnormalities of blood urea and creatinine, and
plasma total calcium and phosphorus are checked in
both group and were reviewed. There aren’t any
significant changes are detected but plasma phospho
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