인대뇌중심후회 후측구벽부 및 전측구벽부 피질간의 비교세포구축학 및 그 가령효과에 관한 연구
“Studies on Comparative Cytoarchitectonics and Aging Effects between Rostral and Caudal Sulcar Walls of Postcentral Gyral Cortex in Man"

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1984;25(3):293-320
The cortices of posterior wall (Brodmann’s area 3)
and anterior wall (Brodmann’ s area 2) at postcentral
gyrus have been compared in terms of a comparative
cytoarchitectonics and effects of aging on 368 hemispheres
of 184 normal human brains (98 of male and
86 of female) taken from the age ranging newborn
up to 85 years old.
1. The thicker cortex in the area 2 was contrasted
by significantly thinner of the 3 in successive increase
。f the postnatal aging , except that of the youngest
in both the areas , and somewhat senile cortical thining
was noticed in both the areas , sides and sexes.
2. A consistency of the relative total neuronal cell
density with statistical similarity regardless of the
areas was affected by no means of the relation to the
age, brain weight or the cortical thickness throughout
the postnatal life-span , except in that of age-group
of 0-1 year or 300-499gm of brain weight.
3. An insinuating increment of the relative total
glial cell density was compared with concomitant
increase of postnatal age or brain weight at both the
areas , except that of the suckling young
4. The neuronal cellularity in both the areas after
group of 2-5 years old was not discriminated statistically
from that of the adult so far as the matter of
the somesthetic cortex concern.
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