Lymph node infarction in association with malignant lymphoma
악성 임파종에 수반된 임파절 경색

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Ahn, Geung Hwan; Seo, Jeong Wook; Shin, Sung Sik
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1984;25(1):112-115
Spontaneous infarction of lymph node seldom occurs
because of dual vascular connection and low oxygen
consumption of activated lymphocytes. Infarction of
lymph node with malignant lymphoma is also rare,
probably cue to the same reason as that of normal
nodes , We report three ,ases of lymph node infarctiolj Lymphomain
malignant lymphoma: two cases of lymphomatous
lymph node and one case of nonlymphomatous
lymph node. Their ages were 24,46 and 50 years
Locations were two cervical and one inguinal areas.
All cases were confirmed to be malignant lymphoma
at the margin of infarcted node, other lymph nodes
or previous biopsy. Histologic types of the cases were
diffuse histiocytic (Rappaport) and large cell noncleaved
type (Lukes·Collins). Infarcted area showed
coagulation necrosis and surrounding granulation
tissue. Special stains showed neither microorganism
nor evidences of infection.
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