양막대(Amniotic band) 증후군(1 부검증례)
Amniotic Band Syndrome (An Autopsy Case)

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1984;25(3):448-453
Congenital amniotic band is a rare and interesting
anomaly that may attach to various parts of the fetus
or newborn, and can he cause of a variety of conge
nital malformations. The amniotic band syndrome
implies a group of anomalies resulted from the amπ
iotic band including from a simple constriction ring
in the limb to multiple malformations. The incidence
has been estimated at approximately I : 5.000 to I :
15, 000 pregnancies.
We reported an autopsy case of a severe form of
amniotic band syndrome revealing anencephaly, gastrischisis,
total syndactylism of the right hand , severe
scoliosis and lordosis , cleft lip and palate, hypoplasia
of the left lung , and atrial septal defect. The amni
otic membrane of the placenta was attached to the
anencephalic head and the margin of the partially
developed abdominal wall.
This stillborn female baby was induced at 34 weeks
of gestation because of spontaneous premature rupture
of membrane and multiple anomalies detected on ult·
rasonography. The 29-year-old primigravid mother
had no history of taking drugs or irradiation during
this pregnancy.
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