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A Study on the Hepatic Glucose Balance after Glucose Loading in Diabetic Dogs

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1984;25(4):548-546
After an intravenous glucose load, a series of serum
glucose, and insulin concentration ₩ere measured. in
3 diabetic dogs previously treated with alloxan, and
3 normal control dogs. Glucose disappearance rate ,
integrated insulin concentration, insulinogenic index,
glucose uptake at tissue sites, and hepatic glucose
balance were calculated and compared.
Followings were the results;
1. The fasting concentration of insulin was 7.4±
231'u/ml in control group , and 3. 5±1. 31'u/ml in
diabetic group (p<O. 1). Nine minutes after glucose
load, the maximal insulin concentration in control
group was 15.2±1. 10l'u/ml, but there was no acute
response in diabetics.
2. The glucose disappearance rate was 2. 68±0. 75
%/min in control group and 2. 24±0. 51%/min,
showing lower value in diabetics (p<0.15).
3. The integrated insulin concentration of the first
5 minutes was 8. 15±0. 3751lU/ml in control group,
and 4. 07±0. 7161'u/ml in diabetics (p<0.05). Those
of the first 10 minutes were 10.6±0. 4561'u/ml in
controls, and 4. 18 土O. 3351'u/ml in diabetics (p<O.01)
and those of the 60 minutes for total response were
12.1±1. 328μ띠/ml in controls, and 4. 42±0. 445μu/ml
in diabetics (p<O. 025).
4. The insulinogenic index during 0~5 min and
0~10 min period for acute response and 0~60 min
period for total response were as follows; 0.0147±
0.003, O. 0288±0. 009 and 0.051 ±O. 017 in controls
and O. 01l5±0. 002, O. 0101±0. 002 and O. 0207±0. 013
in diabetics. (0~5 πin.; p<O. 4, 0~10 min.; p<O.l,
0~60 min.; p<0.4).
5. The glucose uptake at tissue sites was less in
diabetics than in controls.
6. The hepatic glucose balance in every 10 minutes
was as follows; 29.9mg/min, -45.7mg/min, -0.9
mg/min, -18.9mg/min, 45.7mg/min, 29.8mg/min
and 49.0mg/min in control group , and 11. 4mg/min,
187.4mg/min, 31. 7mg/min, 16.9mg/min, 37.8mg/
min, 86.9mg/min and 78.0mg/min in diabetic dogs.
From these data, it was concluded that diabetes
was characterized not only by increased fasting blood
glucose, lowered glucose disappearance rate, lowered
insulinogenic index and glucose uptake at tissue sites
but also by decreased hepatic glucose balance after
intravenous glucose load.
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