상피양 신경섬유종 (epithelioid neurofibroma) 1 예
Epithelioid Neurofibroma (A Case Report)

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박성회; 김철우; 지제근
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1984;25(4):633-637
Epithelioid neurofibroma is a histological variant of
neurofibroma that requires differential diagnosis with
glomus tumor , lipoblastoma and skin adnexal tumor.
This tumor is relatively rare and the definite diagnosis
ean only be made after proper diagnostic procedures.
including electron microscopy. We have experienced
" case of epithelioid neurofibroma which was verified
by electron microscopy and immunohistochemisty
This 31 year old female came to SNU hospital
because of a small movable painless mass in her back
that was incidentally found. The mass was poorly
drcumscribed without capsule formation and was
yellowish white on cut surface. Microscopically the
tumor mass was entirely composed of epithelioid cells
with indistinct cytoplasmic border. Fine fibrillar
pattern was noted in the cytoplasm. Electron micro·
scopic examinations showed continuous basal lamina
surrounding individual tumor cell, and Schwall cell·
"xon complexes could often be seen, suggesting peri'
pheral nerve sheath tumor. Immuno·histochemistry
of the tumor , using anti S-100 protein antibody and
peroxidase-antiperoxidase revealed uniformly positive
reaction product in the tumor cell cytoplasm.
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