폐기물 매립지에서 배출되는 오염물질로 인한 피해액 산정
Economical Damage Estination by the pollutant discharge from the solid waste ladnfill

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안영미; 이정전; 이남훈; 남경필; 이동훈; 윤석표; 황선진; 김재영
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한국폐기물학회 = Korea Society of Waste Management
한국폐기물학회지, Vol. 19, No. 2, pp. 252-260 (2002)
solid waste landfilleconomical damage estimationsettlement of disputes
The guideline to estimate economical damages caused by landfill leachate and gases are not well established, furthermore, the consensus on methodology has not been present in both scientific and public domains. The main reason can be attributed to the complicated natures of landfill leachate and gases so that the cause-and-effect can not be clearly verified. Therefore, the result is not decisive in most cases. The economical damages should be quantigic and reasonable manner, whichi is acceptable to both parties on disputes in order to compensate the damages. The present study has been conducted on an attempt to provide such guideline which can be used for settlement of disputes caused by the leachate and gases discharged from landfill. Once a dispute is filed, verification of the cause-and-effect should proceed followed by procedures to estimate damages on crop, livestock, and land(in case of this study). For this step, field investigation and colliction of existing informaitons related to similar damages previously happend are essential. If necessary, available modeling tools can be adopted. Next step is to apply adequate procedures for the conversion of the damages to economical valyes. If the damage occurred is perennial such as in fruit-bearing trees, projected losses should be accounted for based on available informations and proven modeling tools. For complete and satisfactory settlement fo disputes, however, a sufficient amount of date are needed to be accumulated.
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