흥미로운 타이포그래피 공예와 디자인의 융합
Convergence of the Intriguing Typography Craft & Design

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한국디자인산업연구센터 = Korea Design Research Institute (KDRI)
Asia Design Journal, Vol.4 No.4, pp.56-65
Eric CHAN은 그래픽 디자이너이자 Corporate
Identity 컨설턴트이다. 1981년에홍콩 폴리텍
대학교, 미술학과를 졸업했고, 힐앤놀튼 아시아
지사, 그라포, 레오 버넷과 베이츠 홍콩에서 디자인
작업을 시작했다. 지난 몇 년간 그는 HKDA Awards
금상, Hong Kong Print Awards 금상, MEDIA Graphic
Awards 금상, IdN Visual Image 금상, US One Show
Design 금상, Communication Arts와 New York Art
Directors Club에서 상을 받았고, GRAPHIS Annual
금상, The Type Directors Club, RIVER / GILBERT Paper
Outstanding Design Awards 금상, Japan Applied
Typography 협회 최고상과 도쿄 TPC로 받은 상을
포함해 250여개 이상의 국내/외 상을 받았다. 또한
그는 2007년 홍콩 미술 & 디자인 축제에서 가장
뛰어난 디자이너 10명에게 주는 상을 받았다. 그는
홍콩 디자이너 협회의 위원회 멤버 (2002-2008)
이자 부회장 (2008-2010)으로 홍콩 디자인 산업에
적극적으로 참여하고 있다. Eric CHAN is a veteran graphic
designer and corporate
identity consultant. After
graduating from The Hong
Kong Polytechnic and The First
Institute of Art & Design in
1981, he started his career at
Hill & Knowlton (Asia) Ltd /
Grapho, Leo Burnett and Bates
Hong Kong. Eric is the winner
of numerous international
awards and has received
more than 250 Hong Kong and
international awards for the
past years, including HKDA
Awards Gold Award, Hong
Kong Print Awards Gold Award,
MEDIA Graphics Awards Gold
Award, IdN Visual Image Gold
Award, US One Show Design
Gold Award, Communication Arts, New York Art Directors
Club, GRAPHIS Annual Gold
Award, The Type Directors
Outstanding Design Awards
Gold Award, Japan Applied
Typography Best of the Best
and Tokyo Type Directors Club.
Eric was also awarded Hong
Kong Art & Design Festival Ten
Outstanding Designers Awards
2007. Eric is a committee
member (2002-2008) and
Vice Chairman (2008-2010)
of the Hong Kong Designers
Association who actively
participates and contributes to
Hong Kong’s design industry.
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