환자안전과 관련된 병원문화와 의료과오 보고에 대한 간호사의 인식조사
A Survey of Nurses' Perception of Patient Safety Related to Hospital Culture and Reports of Medical Errors

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김정은; 강민아; 안경애; 성영희
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병원간호사회 = Hospital Nurses Association
임상간호연구, 13(3), 169-179
환자안전병원문화의료과오 보고Patient safetyOrganizational cultureMedical error reporting
Purpose: Purposes of this study were (1) to describe nurses' perception of hospital organization culture regarding patient
safety culture and reporting medical errors, and (2) to identify factors associated with perception of patient safety and
nurses' safety management. Method: A survey was conducted with 886 nurses using the Korean version of the AHRQ
patient safety survey, a self-report 5-point Likert scale. SPSS 10.0 was used for descriptive and correlation analysis.
Results: The mean for working environment related to patient safety was 3.41(±0.35), and associated factors were
nurses' age, duration of working in present hospital, unit, and special area, direct contact with patients, and the work
unit or area. Among organizational culture factors related to patient safety, means were 3.81(±0.54) for boss/managers'
perception of patient safety and 3.37(±0.49) for cooperation/collaboration between units. Mean number of errors reported
by nurses was 3.68(±0.38) times over the past 12 months. For incidence reporting, the items that ‘nurses perceived
communication among clinicians as fair’ had a mean of 3.53(±0.46) and 'the frequency of reporting was good',
4.03(±0.69). Conclusion: Korean nurses' perception of hospital environment, organizational culture, and incidence
reporting was above average and mostly associated with their work experience and position.
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