국제법은 언제, 왜 지켜지는가? -준법문제의 경제학적 어프로치와 신용이론에 관한 에세이-
Compliance with International Law -Economic Perspectives-

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서울대학교 법학연구소
법학, Vol.45 No3 pp.212-249
국제법학자세계화(globalization)의 시대국제사회에서의 준법문제국가관계관리모델(managerial model)콘센트 이론정당성 이론
The question of international law compliance is, as Dean Harold Koh puts it,
among the most perplexing questions in international relations. The compliance
question inquires into the power of international rules in nations' design of
foreign policy and their conduct of international affairs. The interest in this area
has been broadening in recent years, and we now have an impressive volume of
new scholarly literature on the topic. The compliance question is also closely
related to the theory of international law. Although the political contingency of
international law cannot necessarily negate the legal nature of international rules,
the discipline of international law, in fact, has constantly been subject to the
charge that it is not really law because it cannot be enforced. Parallel to the
increase of attention to the compliance issue, interest in the theory of
international law has also remarkably been renewed in recent years.
These developments, however, have been seen predominantly in North America
and Europe. The surprising silence about these important issues of international
law and relations in East Asia and other parts of the world raises the doubt
whether there might be radically different unknown approaches to the
international norms which are, if any, contingent upon historical and cultural
paths. Can scholarly efforts to address the compliance question, like the
international rules themselves, claim to be universal in their nature? If not, what
would be the different approaches and perspectives?
This article surveys various theoretical propositions in terms of compliance and
normative basis of international law. In particular, it introduces, in great detail,...
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