법학 학문후속세대 양성 방안
How should we produce excellent academic Lawyers?

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서울대학교 법학연구소
법학, Vol.47 No4 pp.99-126
법학 학문후속세대법학전문대학원법률학박사과정법학자 양성Legal scholarsLegal trainingLegal educationacademic Lawyer법률학박사
Korea is on the verge of introducing a new type of law school modelled on
the American law school. It is therefore urgent to prepare for the near future
nationwide new systems of training for both the legal practitioners and the legal
academics. In this paper I suggested a model of legal training for academic
lawyers who are expected to teach and to research at a law school or a law
faculty which is not transformed to a new-type law school. The need for the
legal scholars who play a leading role in every field of legal science will be
under the new system even greater, as the most graduates of law schools
become practicing lawyers. Even though the new-type law school is modelled on
the American law school, Korea is unable to adapt an American career system
because Korea has a much smaller law market than America which is able to
afford effectively a proper number of qualified practical lawyers who are trained
under hard competition and return to the academic job at law schools. Hence it
is necessary to canalize younger generation to the academic career and to
prepare them for the job. To provide them with optimal legal training as this
profession calls for, there must be a legal training institution. As a matter of
fact, it is natural and reasonable not to separate this institution from the law
school. The only plausible suggestion, thus, appears to be that the law school
integrates this training for the future law professors and scholars in its program.
So I suggest that a three-year J.S.D.-course at the law school takes over the
There will be a great variety of opinions about how we design the course in
concreto. Two main ideas are thinkable. One is for the intensified course work,
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