법률교육의 국제경쟁력 확보
Legal Education and Globalization of Legal Services Market

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서울대학교 법학연구소
법학, Vol.47 No4 pp.179-199
globalization of Legal services marketvocational trainingLegal services marketKorean national bar examination수습변호사법률시장 개방Legal education, bar examination사법시험
The paper attempts a critical assessment of the current legal education system
of Korea and offers broad outlines for possible reform. The national bar
examination of Korea is administered as a public service examination open to
anyone without any requirement for adequate legal education. This means that
law faculties have no officially recognised role to play in the training and
selection of lawyers in Korea. All that matters is passing the exam. Since
everything turns on this high stake national examination (where success rate is
less than 3%), law professors, legal professional bodies such as regional or
national bar associations and the judiciary have no say in how the country’s
lawyers should be educated and selected. The score reigns supreme.
The paper points out the negative aspects of the current system. It is proposed
that instead of relying on a high stake examination where one-time test result
can make or break one’s career, there should be a system where adequate
education and continual assessment will gradually select candidates at several
points of education and training process. Moreover, the legal professional bodies
must be allowed to participate in shaping the country’s legal education. Legal
professional education must be understood as a joint effort undertaken by law
professors and the legal profession.
A comprehensive reform of the national bar examination is necessary. Law
faculties must be given an appropriate role to play in the assessment and
selection of future lawyers. A recruitment system which relies solely on the...
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