Magnetic resonance imaging evaluation of the distal oblique bundle in the distal interosseous membrane of the forearm

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Kim, Yeon Ho; Gong, Hyun Sik; Park, Jin Woo; Yang, Hyun Kyung; Kim, Kahyun; Baek, Goo Hyun
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BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, 18(1):47
Distal interosseous membraneDistal oblique bundleDistal radioulnar jointMagnetic resonance
Some cadaveric studies have reported the role of the distal oblique bundle (DOB) in the distal radioulnar joint stability. We aimed to determine whether the presence of the DOB can be identified and its thickness can be measured in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examinations.

We retrospectively reviewed 468 wrist and forearm MRIs. Inclusion criteria were wrist or forearm MRIs taken in patients older than 18 years of age, and exclusion criteria were patients with acute wrist or forearm fractures, infections, or malignant tumors. We selected 80 MRIs that provided adequate coverage of the distal interosseous membrane (DIOM). The thickness of the DIOM in the T2-weighted transverse plane was measured on the picture archiving and communicating system. We used a model-based clustering method to determine whether some individuals have thicker DIOMs that can be considered as the DOB.

The thickness of the DIOM demonstrated a bimodal distribution, indicating the presence of patients with a thick DIOM (DOB). The model-based clustering method indicated that the optimal cutoff point was 1.0 mm. Twenty-six individuals (32.5%) had thick DIOMs with a mean thickness of 1.4 mm (standard deviation, 0.2 mm), while 54 individuals (67.5%) had thin DIOMs with a mean thickness of 0.6 mm (standard deviation, 0.2 mm).

Our study demonstrates that it is possible to identify the DOB and measure its thickness using MRI. Future in-vivo studies of the DOB using MRI in patients with distal radioulnar joint pathologies may reveal its role in the distal radioulnar joint stability.
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