Realization of Structural Colors and Dual Image Storage Based on Optical Micro-resonators
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dc.description학위논문 (박사)-- 서울대학교 대학원 : 전기·컴퓨터공학부, 2016. 8. 이신두.-
dc.description.abstractRecently, structural color has attracted tremendous interest owing to its potential as an alternative to colorant pigment. In contrast to conventional coloration where color is primarily determined by the intrinsic optical absorption of chemical pigments, structural colors arise from the resonant interaction of light with optical nanostructures. Accordingly, structural coloration has several unique features, being differentiated from chemical pigmentation. First of all, any materials can be used for coloration giving more flexibility in material choice. Secondly, overall optical efficiency is relatively high owing to small optical absorption. Thirdly, the size of color pixel can be miniaturized into the scale of diffraction limit. Fourthly, color can change in response to external input by employing active materials. Owing to these attributes, structural colors are anticipated as new platform for the development of highly efficient nanoscale color devices as well as novel application areas that are inaccessible with conventional technologies.
Toward the realization of structural colors, there have been largely three strategies according to device platform
dc.description.abstractphotonic crystals, plasmonic nanostructures, and optical micro-resonators. Among them, optical micro-resonators have been considered the most promising owing to high optical efficiency, simple fabrication process, and polarization-independent optical properties. For practical applications, however, several technical issues should be addressed. Firstly, low-cost and high-throughput color integration techniques should be developed. Secondly, the color properties such as angle-dependency and color gamut should be improved. Thirdly, new functionalities such as dynamic tunability should be imposed for use in more broad range of applications.
In this thesis, we investigate new device architecture and fabrication techniques to resolve above mentioned technical issues and by extension, develop novel applications by making use of these approaches. First, we present simple and powerful fabrication method based on a series of transfer printings of dielectric materials for the large-area integration of different color elements. By using proposed technique, we demonstrate the prototype of LCDs incorporating color filters based on optical micro-resonators. Toward improving optical properties, we investigate the effect of embedding metallic nanostructure as a phase-shifting element inside resonant cavity. Depending on the geometrical structure of metallic nanostructure, the resonant peak shifts to longer or shorter wavelengths. The ultrathin thickness of a phase shifting element allows for the integration of different color elements as well as the extension of color palette within a uniform thickness of resonant cavity. Moreover, we demonstrate a flexible color element showing no color change during being bent by adopting metallic nanoislands that significantly reduce the angle dependency. Lastly, we also demonstrate novel polarization-tunable color elements having a liquid crystal polymer layer for resonant cavity. Color elements that have different directions of optical anisotropy can be easily integrated on a single substrate by using a series of photoalignment processes. This feature allows for recording two different images within the same device area and resolving them by applying different polarizations.
The new device architectures and fabrication techniques presented here would pave the way toward the practical implementation of structural colors for a wide range of visual applications ranging from color image storage to advanced display systems.
dc.description.tableofcontentsChapter 1. Introduction 1
1.1. Mechanisms of structural color 3
1.2. Applications of structural color 10
1.3. Structural colors based on optical micro-resonators 16
1.4. Outline of thesis 21

Chapter 2. Theoretical Background 23
2.1. General theory of etalon-type optical micro-resonators 23
2.2. Rigorous coupled wave analysis 28

Chapter 3. Monolithic Integration of Color Elements 36
3.1. Introduction 36
3.2. Elemental design and monolithic architecture 37
3.3. Color selection in elemental micro-resonators 40
3.4. Monolithic integration for combinatorial color arrays 43
3.5. Combinatorial color arrays 46
3.6. Application to liquid crystal displays 48
3.7. Summary 51

Chapter 4. Realization of Full Color Palette by Embedded Plasmonic Nanostructures 53
4.1. Introduction 53
4.2. Basic concept 55
4.3. Phase modulation property of freestanding nanostructures 57
4.4. Effect of silver nanostructures on cavity mode and color palette 62
4.4.1. Effect of nanofilm on cavity mode 62
4.4.2. Effect of nanoislands on cavity mode 65
4.4.3. Effect of nanostructures on color palette 69
4.5. Fabrication process 70
4.6. Color characteristics of nanostructure-embedded optical micro-resonators 75
4.7. Angle-independency in nanoislands case 78
4.8. Summary 82

Chapter 5. Recording and Reading of Dual Images by Polarization 83
5.1. Introduction 83
5.2. Basic concept 85
5.3. Optical anisotropy of image pixel 86
5.4. Selection of color basis 88
5.5. Dual direct image storage 91
5.5.1. Direct image recording scheme 91
5.5.2. Recording dual images 93
5.5.3. Reading dual images 94
5.6. Dual holographic image storage 98
5.6.1. Hologram recording scheme 98
5.6.2. Recording dual holograms 100
5.6.3. Reconstructing dual holographic images 101
5.7. Summary 103

Chapter 6. Concluding Remarks 105

Bibliography 108

Publication 121

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