Autoantibody to DNA binding protein B as a novel serologic marker in systemic sclerosis

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Jeoung, Doo-il; Lee, Eun Bong; Lee, Seongeun; Lim, Yoon; Lee, Dae-Yeon; Kim, Jongwan; Kim, Hae-Yeong; Wook Song, Yeong

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Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 299 (4) (2002) 549-554
Autoantibodies/*bloodBiological MarkersCCAAT-Enhancer-Binding Proteins/*immunology/metabolismGene LibraryNFI Transcription FactorsNuclear ProteinsScleroderma, Systemic/blood/diagnosis/*immunologySerologic TestsTranscription Factors/immunology/metabolismY-Box-Binding Protein 1DNA-Binding Proteins
Systemic sclerosis is a systemic disease that is characterized by tissue fibrosis, small-vessel vasculopathy, and an autoimmune response associated with autoantibodies. We performed serological analysis of cDNA expression library (SEREX) to identify autoantibodies associated with systemic sclerosis. We identified 4 clones that react with sera of patients with SSc but not with those of healthy donors. These clones are phosphoglycerate mutase, centromere autoantigen C, U1 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein, and DNA binding protein B (dbpB). We chose to study autoantibody to DNA binding protein B. Immunoreactivity against recombinant dbpB was detected in 40.5% (15/37) of patients with SSc, 14.6% (6/41) of patents with systemic lupus erythematosus, 6.7% (1/15) of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, 0% (0/12) of patients with Sjogren syndrome, and 5.9% (1/17) of patients with polymyositis/dermatomyositis. The frequency of anti-dbpB was significantly higher in the SSc patients (15/37, 40.5%) compared to the healthy controls (3/41, 7.3%, p=0.0005 by chi(2) test). Eleven patients (11/20, 55%) with the diffuse cutaneous type of SSc had anti-dbpB and 4 patients (4/17, 23.5%) with the limited cutaneous type had anti-dbpB. The presence of anti-dbpB was significantly associated with the diffuse cutaneous type (p=0.00003 by chi(2) test). This is the first report to suggest that autoantibody to dbpB can be used as a serologic marker of systemic sclerosis.
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