Analysis of Good Governance: A Case Study of the Egyptian Archery Federation

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서울대학교 대학원
GovernanceEgyptian Archery Federation
학위논문 (석사)-- 서울대학교 대학원 : 체육교육과, 2015. 8. 임충훈.
While the sports industry and its application continue to grow rapidly and develop as vibrant and crowd pulling phenomenon, scholars and professors of sport management in Egypt do not pay much attention to areas of sport governance. They study topics such as the importance of leadership or the analysis of the board and its effective structure within the sport organizations but we cannot find any studies concentrated on any indicators to measure the performance of the sport organizations such as balance score card or indicators to analysis the good governance and how effective the organization is running its system. This study therefore seeks to address this state of affairs, and specifically to investigate the implications of good governance principles within the Egyptian Archery Federation by using play the game indicator (AGGIS).
A World Banks (2000) review on corporate governance observes that major corporate failures are often the result of fraud, incompetence and abuse of power and responsibilities and that only through an improved system of governance can organizations address these issues.
This case study was carried out on the Egyptian Archery Federation, since Egypt is trying to enhance its management system. I was trying to measure the good governance in the Egyptian Archery Federation in order to provide them with recommendations to enhance their weak governance points.
The primary data used in this study was collected using structured questionnaire designed by play the game organization. The findings of this study suggest the urgent need to implement policy which will compel EAF to start embracing good governance principles and indicators to measure the governance and performance. In addition it will encourage sport management researchers to do more studies and focus on the good governance and its implications in the sport organizations in general.
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