(A) Study on the flexible identity use to improve a city brand image - Focused on Xian, China - : 도시브랜드 이미지 제고를 위한 플렉서블 아이덴티티 활용 방안 연구 -중국 서안시 중심으로-

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dc.description학위논문 (석사)-- 서울대학교 대학원 : 디자인학부 시각디자인전공, 2016. 8. 김경선.-
dc.description.abstractThe aim of this thesis is to study the concept of city branding and flexible identity, then gives a proposal for Xi'an city branding design by combining these two studies.
Xi'an was one of the most important cradles of Chinese civilization. It was the start of "Silk Road" that linked China with Continental Europe. And it served as the first capital of a unified China and capital of 11 dynasties periodically from the 11th century B.C. to the early 10th century A.D. Xi'an, or Chang'an as it was called in ancient times, was the city of "Everlasting Peace."
For the most of Chinese cities, the city logos are hard to be distinguished. They are being repeated, similar shaping and outdated. Even more, currently, Xi'an does not even have its own city branding.
City branding means to choose a relevant brand factor to combine it with the city by establishing a positive image in order to gain recognition. A circumstance of increased competition among cities has led the cities to build a good city image to attract people.
However, City, as a multi-components system, apparently a static identity cant interpret it adequately. At a time of exponential growth in technology and business, a brand must be flexible to be changed to face all kinds of opportunities. Thus, a new concept for building brand identity showed up - Flexible Identity. Flexible Identity is an identity that can be changed, but has a basic element that always remains the same.
By researching previous literatures, this thesis builds a flexible city branding identity model. After the model is tested by other city branding cases, the thesis then identifies that the factors in city branding system and flexible identity system are influencing each other. The more of the city branding flexibilities have, the more items of city branding factors will be defined. At the last part, the proposal of Xian city branding design is based on this model.
dc.description.tableofcontents1. Introduction 1
1.1 Background and Purpose of the Study 1
1.2 Thesis outline and Research method 3

2. Theoretical Framework 4
2.1 Concept of Brand Identity 4
2.1.1 Definition of Brand Identity 4
2.1.2 Role of Brand Identity 7
2.2 Concept of City Branding 10
2.2.1 Definition of City Branding 10
2.2.2 Role of City Branding 12
2.2.3 City Branding Factors 15
2.3 Evolution of City Branding 18
2.3.1 Heraldry (Symbol) Style 18
2.3.2 Slogan (Word Mark) Style 18
2.3.3 Open Type (Flexible) Style 20
2.4 Concept of Flexible Identity 22
2.4.1 Definition of Flexible Identity 22
2.4.2 Flexible Identity Systems 23
2.4.3 Flexible Identity System Model for City Branding 27

3. Case Analysis 33
3.1 The Age of Heraldry 33
3.1.1 New York 34
3.1.2 Berlin 36
3.2 The Age of Slogan 40
3.2.1 New York 40
3.2.2 Berlin 43
3.3 The Age of Open type 46
3.3.1 New York 46
3.3.2 Berlin 50
3.4 Analysis Results 54
3.5 Chinese City Branding Analysis 55
3.5.1 Current City logo situation in China 55
3.5.2 Hangzhou 57
3.5.3 Nanyang 59

4. City Branding Identity Design Proposal for Xian 61
4.1 Research 61
4.1.1 Background of Xi'an 61
4.1.2 Current situation of Xi'an 62
4.1.3 Features of Xi'an 63
4.2 Proposal of Xian Brand Design 70
4.2.1 Design Process 70
4.2.2 Final Work and Exhibition 91

5. Conclusion 94

6. Bibliography 97

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dc.title(A) Study on the flexible identity use to improve a city brand image - Focused on Xian, China --
dc.title.alternative도시브랜드 이미지 제고를 위한 플렉서블 아이덴티티 활용 방안 연구 -중국 서안시 중심으로--
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