Multifunctional silver-embedded magnetic nanoparticles as SERS nanoprobes and their applications

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Jun, Bong-Hyun; Noh, Mi Suk; Kim, Jaeyun; Kim, Gunsung; Kang, Homan; Kim, Min-Soo; Seo, Young-Tae; Baek, Jongho; Kim, Jong-Ho; Park, Juyoung; Kim, Seongyong; Kim, Yong-Kweon; Hyeon, TaeghwanCho, Myung-Haing; Jeong, Dae Hong; Lee, Yoon-Sik

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Wiley - V C H Verlag GmbbH & Co.
Small, Vol.6 No.1, pp.119-125
In this study, surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS)-encoded magnetic nanoparticles (NPs) are prepared and utilized as a multifunctional tagging material for cancer-cell targeting and separation. First, silver-embedded magnetic NPs are prepared, composed of an 18-nm magnetic core and a 16-nm-thick silica shell with silver NPs formed on the surface. After simple aromatic compounds are adsorbed on the silver-embedded magnetic NPs, they are coated with. silica to provide them with chemical and physical stability. The resulting silica-encapsulated magnetic NPs (M-SERS dots) produce strong SERS signals and have magnetic properties. In a model application as a tagging material, the M-SERS dots are successfully utilized for targeting breast-cancer cells (SKBR3) and floating leukemia cells (SP2/O). The targeted cancer cells can be easily separated from the untargeted cells using an external magnetic field. The separated targeted cancer cells exhibit a Raman signal originating from the M-SERS dots. This system proves to be an efficient tool for separating targeted cells. Additionally, the magnetic-field-induced hot spots, which can provide a 1000-times-stronger SERS intensity due to aggregation of the NPs, are studied.
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