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Current advances of epigenetics in periodontology from ENCODE project: a review and future perspectives

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Cho, Young-Dan; Kim, Woo-Jin; Ryoo, Hyun-Mo; Kim, Hong Gee; Kim, Kyoung-Hwa; Ku, Young; Seol, Yang-Jo

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Clinical Epigenetics, Vol.13 No.1, p. 92
BackgroundThe Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE) project has advanced our knowledge of the functional elements in the genome and epigenome. The aim of this article was to provide the comprehension about current research trends from ENCODE project and establish the link between epigenetics and periodontal diseases based on epigenome studies and seek the future direction.Main bodyGlobal epigenome research projects have emphasized the importance of epigenetic research for understanding human health and disease, and current international consortia show an improved interest in the importance of oral health with systemic health. The epigenetic studies in dental field have been mainly conducted in periodontology and have focused on DNA methylation analysis. Advances in sequencing technology have broadened the target for epigenetic studies from specific genes to genome-wide analyses.ConclusionsIn line with global research trends, further extended and advanced epigenetic studies would provide crucial information for the realization of comprehensive dental medicine and expand the scope of ongoing large-scale research projects.
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Research Area Alveolar bone regeneration, Dental implant surface modification, Periomics


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