Effects of Piston Bowl Geometries On Diesel and Gasoline Dual-Fuel Combustion under Low Load Conditions

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Nam, Taewoo; Chu, Sanghyun; Moon, Sunyoung; Min, Kyoungdoug

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International Journal of Automotive Technology, Vol.23 No.4, pp.993-1002
This study investigated the combustion characteristics by changing the operating parameters and piston bowl geometries in diesel/gasoline dual-fuel combustion. The experiment was conducted in a light-duty single cylinder diesel engine satisfying the EURO-6 regulation adapted for dual-fuel operation. The engine was operated under a low load condition, which was 1,500 rpm and gross IMEP 5.2 bar, with compression ratio of 14. The effects of the operating parameters, namely, the fuel ratio, diesel injection timing, and pilot duration, were analyzed for three different piston bowl geometries. Based on each result, the optimization experiments were conducted to satisfy the various constraints. The gross indicated specific NOx (gISNOx) was restricted below 0.21 g/kWh, the soot emission was limited to below 0.2 FSN, and the maximum pressure rise rate (mPRR) was confined to below 5 bar/deg. Simultaneously, the gross indicated efficiency (GIE) was controlled over 40 %. As a result, these constraints were completely satisfied in all pistons.
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