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Dental-derived cells for regenerative medicine: stem cells, cell reprogramming, and transdifferentiation

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Cho, Young-Dan; Kim, Kyoung-Hwa; Lee, Yong-Moo; Ku, Young; Seol, Yang-Jo

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Korean Academy of Periodontology
Journal of Periodontal and Implant Science, Vol.52 No.6, pp.437-454
© 2022. Korean Academy of PeriodontologyEmbryonic stem cells have been a popular research topic in regenerative medicine owing to their pluripotency and applicability. However, due to the difficulty in harvesting them and their low yield efficiency, advanced cell reprogramming technology has been introduced as an alternative. Dental stem cells have entered the spotlight due to their regenerative potential and their ability to be obtained from biological waste generated after dental treatment. Cell reprogramming, a process of reverting mature somatic cells into stem cells, and transdifferentiation, a direct conversion between different cell types without induction of a pluripotent state, have helped overcome the shortcomings of stem cells and raised interest in their regenerative potential. Furthermore, the potential of these cells to return to their original cell types due to their epigenetic memory has reinforced the need to control the epigenetic background for successful management of cellular differentiation. Herein, we discuss all available sources of dental stem cells, the procedures used to obtain these cells, and their ability to differentiate into the desired cells. We also introduce the concepts of cell reprogramming and transdifferentiation in terms of genetics and epigenetics, including DNA methylation, histone modification, and non-coding RNA. Finally, we discuss a novel therapeutic avenue for using dental-derived cells as stem cells, and explain cell reprogramming and transdifferentiation, which are used in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering
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Cho, Young-Dan조영단
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Research Area Alveolar bone regeneration, Dental implant surface modification, Periomics


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