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Photonic Topological Spin Pump in Synthetic Frequency Dimensions

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Suh, Joseph; Kim, Gyunghun; Park, Hyungchul; Fan, Shanhui; Park, Namkyoo; Yu, Sunkyu

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American Physical Society
Physical Review Letters, Vol.132 No.3, p. 033803
Reducing geometrical complexity while preserving desired wave properties is critical for proof-of-concept studies in wave physics, as evidenced by recent efforts to realize photonic synthetic dimensions, isospectrality, and hyperbolic lattices. Laughlin's topological pump, which elucidates quantum Hall states in cylindrical geometry with a radial magnetic field and a time-varying axial magnetic flux, is a prime example of these efforts. Here we propose a two-dimensional dynamical photonic system for the topological pumping of pseudospin modes by exploiting synthetic frequency dimensions. The system provides the independent control of pseudomagnetic fields and electromotive forces achieved by the interplay between mode-dependent and mode-independent gauge fields. To address the axial open boundaries and azimuthal periodicity of the system, we define the adjusted local Chern marker with rotating azimuthal coordinates, proving the nontrivial topology of the system. We demonstrate the adiabatic pumping for crosstalk-free frequency conversion with wave front molding. Our approach allows for reproducing Laughlin's thought experiment at room temperature with a scalable setup.
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