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Memristors Based on 2D Materials as an Artificial Synapse for Neuromorphic Electronics

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Huh, Woong; Lee, Donghun; Lee, Chul-Ho

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WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim
Advanced Materials, Vol.32 No.51, p. 2002092
The memristor, a composite word of memory and resistor, has become one of the most important electronic components for brain-inspired neuromorphic computing in recent years. This device has the ability to control resistance with multiple states by memorizing the history of previous electrical inputs, enabling it to mimic a biological synapse in the neural network of the human brain. Among many candidates for memristive materials, including metal oxides, organic materials, and low-dimensional nanomaterials, 2D layered materials have been widely investigated owing to their outstanding physical properties and electrical tunability, low-power-switching capability, and hetero-integration compatibility. Hence, a large number of experimental demonstrations on 2D material-based memristors have been reported showing their unique memristive characteristics and novel synaptic functionalities, distinct from traditional bulk-material-based systems. Herein, an overview of the latest advances in the structures, mechanisms, and memristive characteristics of 2D material-based memristors is presented. Additionally, novel strategies to modulate and enhance the synaptic functionalities of 2D-memristor-based artificial synapses are summarized. Finally, as a foreseeing perspective, the potentials and challenges of these emerging materials for future neuromorphic electronics are also discussed.
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