The Outcomes of Concomitant Chemoradiotherapy Followed by Adjuvant Chemotherapy with Temozolomide for Newly Diagnosed High Grade Gliomas : The Preliminary Results of Single Center Prospective Study

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Choi, Jung-Won; Lee, Min Mi; Kim, In Ah; Kim, Jee Hyun; Choe, Gheeyoung; Kim, Chae Yong

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Korean Neurosurgical Society
J Korean Neurosurg Soc 44 : 222-227, 2008
Concomitant chemoradiotherapyHigh-grade gliomaGlioblastomaTemozolomide
OBJECTIVE: Malignant gliomas are the most common primary cerebral neoplasms in adults. Despite multimodality treatments, the prognosis for patients with malignant glioma remains poor. However, recently, the effectiveness of concomitant chemoradiotherapy (CCRT) with temozolomide (TMZ) has been reported. We report for the first time preliminary results of the treatment with CCRT of newly diagnosed malignant gliomas in Korean people. METHODS: Thirty-two patients over the age of 17 years with newly diagnosed and histologically confirmed high-grade gliomas (HGG), from June 2004 to August 2007 were the subjects of this study. There were 17 men and 15 women, with a median age of 53.5 years (range, 17-74). Pathologically, glioblastoma, anaplastic astrocytoma, anaplastic oligodendroglioma, and gliomatosis cerebri had been diagnosed in eighteen, eight, four, and two patients, respectively. These 32 patients were treated with CCRT with TMZ. RESULTS: The median follow-up period was 12.5 months (range 3-48). At the time of this analysis, 13 patients died and three patients had been lost to follow-up. There was no mortality caused by drug toxicity. The median progression-free survival (PFS) of these patients was 9.0 months, and the six-month PFS rate was 72.4%. The median overall survival (OS) was 26 months, and the one-year OS rate was 83.6%. The 18 patients with glioblastoma were analyzed separately from the other patients with HGG, and the median OS was 18 months, and the one-year OS rates were 81.8%. The median PFS was seven months, and the six-month PFS rate was 75.0%. CONCLUSION: Our results are consistent with many other reports, confirming that CCRT with TMZ achieves good clinical outcomes in the treatment of HGG. Therefore, we suggest that CCRT with TMZ as adjuvant chemotherapy be considered as a standard therapy for patients with HGG.
2005-3711 (print)
1598-7876 (online)
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