Relationship Between Service Quality Characteristics and Its Performance In University Hospitals : 서비스품질특성과 그 성과와의 관계 ─ 대학병원을 중심으로 ─

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서울대학교 경영연구소
경영논집, Vol.35 No.2/3, pp. 341-355
This study is to examine the factors that influence the performances of service quality in university hospitals by

investigating systematically the conditions of service quality. A synthesis of the health care quality is conducted to

identify physical quality, operating process quality, and human resources quality that relate to both the overall

satisfaction and intention of revisit. Based on the proposed hypotheses, the relationships between the service

quality factors and performances are examined using data collected from 167 patients in three hospitals, in Korea.

Reliability and validity tests are performed for examining its relationship with service quality in health care

systems. Total eight independent variables with respect to three service quality levels and two dependent variables

for performance are identified for relationships between service quality and performance in health care systems.

The results provide health care managers with a managerial insight to the planning function of performance with

service quality in health care systems as well as other operations (business, government, or other service

organizations) systems.
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College of Business Administration/Business School (경영대학/대학원)Institute of Management Research (경영연구소)경영논집경영논집 vol.35 (2001)
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